The Cat Hole

(originally posted 8/24/2008)

So I have a cat, Rin. I adopted her on Fathers’ Day this year. I also have 2 dogs, Laika and Bunnee. They are big, fluffy, white marshmallows (samoyeds). I’ve had them since they were puppies. They are 11 and 8, respectively. When I brought her home, I set up Rin’s litter box in my utility room in my lower level.

My dogs quickly decided that the litter box was some sort of snack box (ew, ew, I know, puke-worthy ). There is nothing like the smell of hot litter box as it is breathed on you by your dogs. The smell is almost a solid thing. It surrounds you and refuses to release you. I swear that evil miasma follows you once it has you. It is indescribable (although, clearly, I’ve tried to describe it). It may be the most awful smell that I have ever smelled. And when you realize what the smell is caused by, it’s even worse.

So, I needed to figure out how to let the cat into the utility room while keeping the dogs out. My solution was to have my husband cut an oversized mouse hole in the door. I figure, hey, it’s a hollow door, they don’t cost that much. When we go to sell the house, we’ll just replace the door. Problem solved!!!! Well, the “cat hole” (I know, insert dirty joke here. Wait! I said “insert”. Hehehe. Oh, dear god, I’ve turned into Beavis, or Butthead) is hilarious. If you sit on the floor outside the utility room, the cat will attack you through the hole. And she kicks the dogs butts (or faces as it were) when they stick their big fat noses in the hole.

But, I’ve been staring and staring at the cat hole and it just seemed incomplete. So today, I made my husband take the door outside so I could fix it. And I painted a house around the cat hole. Actually, I painted a house and clouds and sky and stars.

I did mean for it to look like a little kid painted it, but I think I might have been a little too convincing in that regard. I had the most fun painting it. I like to do silly things. It keeps me young and happy. And it keeps people around me wondering about my sanity (never let people get too comfortable around you, then they start taking you for granted).


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