Walking the Cat

(originally posted 9/7/2008)

So I swear this is true, but I’m teaching my cat, Rin, to walk on a leash.
The first time, things didn’t go so well. It wasn’t a walk so much as a drag and carry, mostly the carry.
Today, I took my cat for a long walk. I believe that the only reason that she decided to walk on the leash is because she gassed the bag I was carrying her in. I swear, I may never be able to use that bag again. There’s no way an animal that weighs less than 8 pounds should be able to produce such a potent, lingering smell.
Anyway, she got to the point where she would walk almost like a dog. She doesn’t like when cars pass, and she growls when we pass other people or animals (which is flipping hilarious) but we’ll work on that next time. I’ll get her in touch with her inner dog.

My husband took some video of me walking her on her leash. Rin uploaded the video (yes, I’m claiming that the cat uploaded video) to prove that I do torture my pets.  I heard her calling the animal shelter we adopted her from. I think her exact words were, “help me, these people are f&*king crazy!”. And when they hung up on her, I believe that she muttered something about taking a poo in my slippers after I go to sleep.


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