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Orchid Mania

My family went to the final day of Orchid Mania at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens today.  It’s a yearly exhibit but I haven’t been there in a few years.

I love orchids.  But I don’t seem to have the skill for growing them.  I repotted the one in my office and it hasn’t bloomed since.

Instead of trying to describe this exhibit, I’ve decided to just post my pictures.  Next time, I’ll bring my camera, these are just from my phone.

After we visited the botanical gardens, we walked across the street to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I haven’t been there since they started their massive building project.  I love the Rodin Gallery. It’s amazing, just the room itself.   I miss the many galleries that still aren’t open (the Japanese Gallery and the Egyptian Gallery are my favorites).  I hope that my children realize how lucky they are to have these cultural institutions nearby.

Maybe I’m hoping for too much.   I think they appreciated dinner at Brown Bag Burgers after.


I Am Mojo Jojo

I love coffee.  And of all the coffee places, I love Mojos best.

It’s this cute little coffee shop on Dover Center Road in Bay Village, Ohio.  Any chance I get, I go here for a coffee.  It’s not often, probably less than once a month but maybe that’s what makes every trip so special.

I love the espresso drinks.  Last week I got to meet my honey there and I had a dark chocolate peppermint patty.  So yummy. In the summer, I love to get the frozen espresso drinks.  There’s a frozen grasshopper that is just amazing (can you tell I like mint?).

They have the most amazing pastries.  Cookies, cakes, scones, brownies.  I got to have something called a magic bar.  It was coconut, chocolate chip and the edge was dipped in chocolate.  Oh geez.  I very rarely allow myself to buy pastry, but it’s worth every calorie here.

But it’s not just the yummy drinks and pastries that make me really like this place.  It’s all the little details.  They have local artists works displayed for sale.  And jewelry.  They have these lovely paper crafts.  I don’t know, it’s bohemian and trendy without being obnoxious.  It’s a bit eccentric and very inviting.  And it’s local.

Auxiliary Smauxiliary

I saw a flier to an event at a local club.  The flier said “Auxiliary Ham Raffle”.

What did they originally plan to do and why was a ham raffle the back up plan?

My husband said I have it wrong.  The ham raffle isn’t the backup plan.  He said the ham is the backup ham.  That auxiliary here is meant to denote that the ham isn’t on the city payroll.  It’s a volunteer ham.

That makes a lot more sense.

Thank You Frito Lay, Thank You

I was feeling really nibbly at work the other day and I didn’t have any healthy snacks with me. So I made the trek down to the vending area in hopes that I could find something satisfying that wouldn’t require a week of work outs to burn off.

I ended up with a bag of Baked Lay’s Southwestern Ranch potato chips.

Much to my surprise, the nutrition facts treated 1 bag as a single serving.  I had a single serve packet of Propel water (the kind where you open the tiny little packet and empty it into your own water) flavoring that listed it as 2 servings!  I was so happy with Frito Lay.

Not only did they base the nutrition facts on a reasonable serving size, the whole package was a very reasonable 120 calories.  I know it was only a 1 oz bag of chips but it was still a bag of chips.  I was even happier when I saw that it only contained 160 mg of sodium.  Again this isn’t perfect, but it’s all relative. 160 mg of sodium is pretty ok for a bag of potato chips.  And the coolest thing is that there was 2 grams of fiber! I see so many food items that scream whole grains and whatever and they have <1 gram of fiber.

And the chips were actually a bit tasty.  Not the best chips I ever had, but hey, everything’s relative.  I was able to satisfy my need to nibble and I didn’t need to ruin my girlish figure to do so! Yay!


My 5 year old, the Monkey King, came home from daycare the other day with the mementos from his class punishment.

They actually had the 5 year olds writing sentences!

He had to write:

  • I will sit quietly
  • I will use my listening ears

three times each!

Again, this was punishment for 5 years olds!

I’m not angry about this.  I think it’s hilarious.  I would guarantee having 5 year olds writing sentences isn’t a recommendation in most early childhood education classes.

I’m saving the sentences as I’m sure they’re the first in a long line of writing punishments.