O’s for Obama

(originally posted 10/15/2008)

First of all, I have a problem with the use of the apostrophe here, but…

I can’t believe this is an actual thing.

My husband sent me a text message to say that Friday, October 24th is O’s for Obama day.  Well, I had to ask what that meant and his reply was that it meant to have an orgasm to show support for Obama. Hey, I’m not turning down a chance to have an orgasm, but I was really confused about a few things.

  1. How does this help Obama?
  2. How does anyone know that you participated?
  3. Which horny guy came up with this idea?
  4. Can this be an everyday event?
  5. What, exactly, is involved?

I told a few friends at work about the event(?) and figured I’d leave it at that.

Except, a few hours later, one of the friends I told was showing me the O’s for Obama website.  Swear to God! Check it out. osforobama.com.  And the slogan, as my friend gleefully told me, is “change is coming”.  Ok.  That’s just brilliant.

Apparently, this is a political rally being held in San Francisco and at some point during the rally, some guy, who calls himself the Erotic Rockstar (isn’t that redundant, don’t all rock stars believe that they’re erotic?) is going to lead the participants in an orgasmic breathing exercise.  Merde! This is funny, but not nearly as enjoyable as what I was imagining O’s for Obama could be.

The Erotic Rockstar just happens to be certified in some sexual  nonsense by the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.   This sounds a little fishy.  Is this institute set up in his parents’ basement?  I want to be certified too! That way I can have a thinly veiled excuse to act like a perv all the time.  That would be great!  Oh, I would so work that.  That would be my obvious opening line to any hot guy.  “Hi, I’m an Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality certified Male Endurance Tester.  Would you like to participate in one of my studies?”  Seriously.  Can I just print out that certification from any pc?

I’m keeping this somewhat clean, I could think of way better things to be certified in, but……….

Wooh, possibilities made my brain freeze there for a second.

I’m sorry, this is a serious topic and I’ve turned it into, well, this goofy blog.  I mean, the event is so important that there are “sensual/political” performances, a hookah bar (and as everyone knows, hookah and serious political activism go hand-in-hand), and dancing until 4 am!

Actually, I totally love this idea.  Seriously, getting anyone honestly excited about voting, I’m all for it.  Especially for Obama.  I’m so sorry, I don’t like to be political, but really, McCain? Palin (how f-ing insulting, I’m not voting for a person just because we both have uteruses. What a condescending, arrogant choice for a v.p., it would be less insulting if McCain had, well, done just about anything else.  I’m a silly chick, but I’m not stupid, and choosing Palin as a running mate indicates that McCain, and possibly/probably the entire Republican party thinks that women are stupid!)? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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