(originally posted 9/23/3008)

I want to learn silversmithing (do you learn silversmithing, or just become a silversmith, I don’t know.  I’m a little foggy on the usage of the term).  My first step towards this goal was taking a soldering class at a local bead store/art gallery.

Tonight, I was looking up silver solder supplies, I have a long list of supplies and tools I need to buy before I can really move along any further.  I found some really interesting vendors. As I was surfing through the sites, I fell in love.

Anvils.  Anvils are part of a silversmith’s tools.  Oh, oh, oh.  As of yet I have no need for an anvil, well, no need based on the skills that I’ve obtained.  But I have a very deep need to own an anvil.

Let me try to explain.  My whole childhood, I looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons.  Yeah, I know, I grew up in the stone age, I had to wait until Saturday morning to see cartoons.  I also had to get up to change the channels.  And if you can’t relate than &^*$ you, ya little punk.

Saturday morning cartoons were fine, but the only one I cared about (ok, two, I liked Scooby Doo also, but none of that Scrappy Doo merde) was Loony Tunes.  Bugs Bunny was it.  And, as anyone knows,  a good anvil dropping makes for a great segment on Loony Tunes.  But I never really thought that I could have any valid reason for owning it.  Yes, yes, I know, right now I don’t have a valid reason.  Maybe I never will get far enough to actually need/justify my owning one, but that doesn’t ever really stop me.  I must, must, MUST own an anvil.  I will not stop until I get one.

My husband is sitting next to me, shaking his head, knowing (with dread in his belly, I assume) that this is the next useless item that I drag into our home.  I will own an anvil, I cannot be stopped.  And he knows this, so he mocks me.  He told me that it doesn’t really count unless I buy my anvil from Acme.   His head is the first head onto which I will drop my anvil.  Mwah-ha-ha-ha.


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