Squatters’ Rights

Until just recently, Rin, my cat, was homeless.  Although we made her a room of her own (Ok, so it’s not entirely her room, she does share it with the washer, dryer, and hot water tank.  Also, my husband’s dart board is set up in here, but since Rin – & her litter box – moved in, we haven’t been playing much.  I don’t know why this is.  Maybe because Rin is the STINKIEST cat I have ever encountered.  She produces smells that could stop a man, or woman, dead in his tracks.  Words just cannot describe the stench that this cat can emit. Oof! She  has decided that the utility room is not good enough for her.  I found her squatting in an unoccupied hacienda.

Cat going for squatters’ rights.

Geez, you give a cat a little bit of comfort and it’s just not enough for her!  What a wicked sense of entitlement!


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