Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

(originally posted 1/19/2009)

I just got back from my first ever solo vacation.

I have the worst sense of direction, it’s my only blonde trait.  So, thankfully, the trip from Cleveland to New Haven consists mostly of taking I80.  There’s a little stretch on I287/87 and I95, but it’s really pretty easy.  I guess that’s why I was able to make the trip without getting lost.

I am really sad.  I really expected to be greeted by at least one member of Bon Jovi when I entered New Jersey.  I mean, they’re not doing anything else.  Are they?  And where are the statutes of Bruce Springsteen and Jon Stewart?  I thought that was the whole of New Jersey: Jon Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and well, I’m not really sure what else.  Oh, Oh! How could I forget?  The Howard Stern rest stop.  I didn’t see that either.  How disappointing.

I saw lots of neat things on my trip.  Two of my favorite sightings were:

Yup!  I drove over 550 miles just to take pictures of stores with risque namesI’m just that kind of girl.


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