They Need Your Help


(originally posted 1/5/2009)

So, this was meant to be a really funny post.  My intention was to post this picture and write a story in the style of one of those Save the Children ads.

See, Rin, the real cat (she’s the one on the left in case you can’t tell) was adopted on Fathers’ Day 2008.  She has really had a hard life (She has a missing toe; she had worms so bad that I think they actually permanently degraded her vision; the alignment of her left eye is slightly off; she was pregnant when originally “rescued” so when they spayed her, her incision was larger and healed more slowly; and oh, she has feline leukemia).  But she is just the sweetest cat.  So, the joke is that we should have named her Lucky.

And Kissy, the one on the left, is a brand new toy that my son got for his birthday (his birthday is right before Christmas so this is the only toy that he got for his birthday).  Well, Kissy was viciously attacked by my dogs-from-hell.  My son was getting ready for bed and went to get his new toy.  And he came to me with this really sad little boy face carrying his toy with it’s face cradled against his chest.  And he asked me “what’s wrong with Kissy”.  I told him I didn’t know.  Then he turned the toy around and I saw that the dogs-from-hell had eaten out her eyes!!!! Her flipping eyes!!! All that the situation needed was that horror movie “eek, eek, eek” like when Psycho stabs Janet Leigh.  I know it’s just a toy, but my son’s little face and then the doll with the chewed out eyes. It was too much.

So, like I said, I was going to write a funny blog and the picture turned out perfectly (it is hard to get pets to pose).

But, little Rin is not doing well.  She has another respiratory infection. She saw the vet on Friday and was given an antibiotic injection.  She’s still not breathing well.  Seeing a cat mouth-breathing is just too sad.  The vet is thinking that she’ll pull through, but also said that she has active feline leukemia (rather than just carrying the virus, the virus is actively suppressing her immune system).  So, she’ll probably pull through this particular medical issue, but how soon before she has another?  And will she make it through another?

I really lost all ability to write the joke anymore.


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