Church of the Jedi

(originally posted 5/1/2009)

I’m crazy about the story about the drunk guy who put a garbage bag on as a cape to be Darth Vader and kicked a jedi’s ass.  But the Church of the Jedi is best kept as a dork joke rather than a religion.

And I find great humor in mock religions; the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Scientology.  But The Church of the Jedi is frightening.  What’s next, people trying to speak Klingon? Elvish?  Oh wait….. (Seriously, the link I provided for Klingon is the Klingon Language Institute! And the Elvish link is for the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship! I wish that was a joke.  I did just find one cool, in a dorky way, thing.  The Elvish Name Generator.  My Elven name is Uruviel Tinúviel).

Cosplay is fun.  Fantasy and escapism are normal, healthy activities.  But actually taking your religion based on stuff laid out in Star Wars.  I mean come on. Really? I love Harry Potter, (J.K. Rowling is a bit full of herself, but the stories are charming and fun) but I’m not going to walk around trying to cast spells and play Quidditch.

Actually, forget that.  Worship however you want.  Be kind to your neighbors and coworkers and people you pass on the streets.  Take care of your kids and your parents and people who don’t have anyone else.  Pay your taxes, show up to work on time.  Be productive members of society.  And if you want/need to think you’re a Jedi to fulfill those societal responsibilities, then be a Jedi.  Be the best Jedi ever.

May the force be with you.  Na nu Na nu.  RAmen.  Peace.


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