Fatheads Cleveland

(originally posted 4/18/2009)

So I walked up to Fatheads with my anonymous companion (identity withheld for his sake, not mine).  It just opened a little over a week ago and it’s been jammed, and this place is huge.  It was an old farmer’s market type store called Danny Boy’s which closed really abruptly several years ago.

Fatheads brews it’s own beers.  And they have 33 beers on tap.  We started out with Voodoo Monkey (a dark chocolate stout) and Tree Hugger (a honey ale).  Both were Fatheads brews and both were really good.

Next  we had a Fatheads #1 (tasted like a Blue Moon, and not in the way that people compare Hoegaarden to Blue Moon, this tasted like Blue Moon and not a watered down Blue Moon.  Excellent) and Troegs Troegenator (not a Fatheads brew).  We then had an Aventinus (weizenbock, not a Fatheads brew, tasted of clove and banana.  It was most excellent) and a blueberry Fatheads brew that actually had blueberries floating in it.  Normally I’d say “blueberry berry, um, maybe not” but this was really good.  We then found out that you can get a sampler, 4.75 oz of each of Fatheads 10 beers. So, of course, we got a sampler.

There was not a bad one in the bunch.

The restaurant was a little too family friendly for my tastes.  I guess it needs to be though because there are a billion tables they need to fill.  They probably should take out some of those booths and put in a second bar.

They have a “game room”.  It consists of 1 skee ball type bowling machine, two pool tables, and two dart boards which are almost impossible to use if anyone is using the pool table closest to them.  If you’re going to have a game room, do it right.

The place was cool and it’s close.  And they have 33 beers on tap.  So, I’ll be going again.  The only thing that really was wrong with this was that we had the crankiest waitress.  She kept walking away while I was still talking to her.  I know the place was busy, but if I can’t order, I spend less and your tip is smaller.  And if you’re not nice, your tip is much smaller. And she needs my tips to replace those teeth she’s missing.  Ew!


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