Sushi and the Beast

(originally posted 4/7/2009)

There’s a new-ish sushi place by my house called Asuka. It’s been open for a bit and we finally got a chance to try it Sunday evening.

This was the first time I’ve tried sake.  Of course it wasn’t a normal sake.  It was champagne-esque.  Quite lovely.  Wonderful bubbles.  Served chilled, of course, but I believe normal sake is served warm.  Even the bottle for this sake was pretty; it was frosted and pink.  I had to stop myself from taking the empty bottle home, although I have no idea what I would have done with it once I got it home.

We tried two types of maki rolls.  The first one was called the Victoria Secret roll.  It had pink seaweed.  It was so pretty.  It matched the sake bottle!

The Victoria Secret roll had shrimp tempura, crab meat and some vegetables  that was referred to as “spring mix”.

The other maki roll we ordered was the Lobster Salad roll which was ebi (shrimp), kani (crab), avocado and topped with lobster salad.

Both rolls were so good.  These were some of the best maki rolls I’ve ever had.  Maybe not the absolutely best, but really close.

We also ordered Ebi (shrimp) Yaki (chicken) Soba.  The soup was beautiful and the two pieces of shrimp tempura that came with the soup were gorgeous.  It was a bit bland though.  We brought about half of it home so I added instant dashi to the leftovers and it was much tastier.

The service was a bit not-so-polished, but not unpleasant.   The interior was pretty but the booths were really flimsly; I kept getting bumped around because the person in the booth behind me was pushing on the booth.  My husband could see the booth moving.

I ordered a martini with Zen, citrus vodka, and something else (can’t remember what). I really enjoy Zen.  It’s quite refreshing.  Unfortunately, whatever vodka that was used was really awful.  This drink was so bad, it was House-of-Blues-mixed-drink bad.  It tasted the way hairspray smells.  Ugh! And it took forever for them to bring the drink out.  By the time I got it, I was done eating and really just wanted my check.  It sucks to have that big of a misstep at the end of an otherwise lovely dinner.

I think that this place will be a good take away spot but I’m not sure that I’ll rush back to eat in.  I’ll eat that lovely sushi and have my husband make my drinks.  He makes the best drinks anyway.  Actually, when we got home he made me some good martinis.  Chocolate-dipped strawberry martinis.  Oh, those bring such wonderful memories.  Memories of Sweetest Day at Viva Barcelona.  Actually, that might be just a strange memory.  The food was great, the martinis were great, the wait staff was delightful, and my dad complained about almost everything.  Alas, Viva Barcelona is no more.

Oh wait, I was talking about Asuka.  It really was some of the best sushi I’ve had.  Sushi Rock is pretty good but not consistent.  I had some wonderful sushi in Chicago.  Pacific East is probably the best sushi around; they are very consistent.  Good and consistent is better than spectacular and inconsistent.  I can’t say how consistent Asuka’s sushi is but, based on this experience, I can’t wait to find out.


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