(originally posted 5/21/2009)

So, I see this blurb about something called Hookahville in my local weekly entertainment paper, Scene.

If you read my blog regularly, which seriously is not recommended, you’ll know that I love my hookah (I have since taken down my hookah posts, mostly because I’m afraid that no one will believe that I’M NOT SMOKING POT IN MY HOOKAH).  So what is this hookahville?

It’s some goofy music fest with NO HOOKAHS!

Are there not Vans and acts from Warped Records on the Van’s Warped Tour?  Yes, yes, there are.

Are there Bonnars at Bonnaroo?  I don’t know what type of bonnar they’re referring to, but I know some people with the last name Bonner.  Maybe they go there. Would that count?

SXSW is in the South/Southwest.

Coachella, well, I’m sure there are Coach purses because I heard it is overrun with overindulged people.

Look, I don’t know why or how these other music festivals are named.  And honestly, I don’t care, because if I did, I probably could have found out by doing the most rudimentary search (googling the festival names).  My point is that something called Hookahville should have hookahs.

I was all excited too 😦

Curse you hookahville! Curse you!


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