Kings of Leon at the Time Warner Cable Amphitheater at Tower City 2009

(originally posted 5/14/2009)

I put the whole name of the venue in the title because I think it’s ridiculous.  How many company names can we squeeze in there?  It was the Tower City Amphitheater and I’m always going to refer to it as the Tower City Amphitheater because the name describes the where the venue is located.  I don’t care who was dumb enough to shell out money to plaster their name on it.

And, since the venue has sold it’s naming rights to generate extra cash, how about lowering fees tacked on to the ticket prices?  I love Kings of Leon, and they were amazing in concert, but I would never have paid $42 a ticket (so, easily two $42 tickets become $116) Seriously, I was just double checking ticket prices on another show at this venue (the Fray and Jack’s Mannequin) and 2 $36 tickets end up being $104! They have a $12.50 ticket fee! Then a $3 venue fee.  Also, they added a $0.50 charity fee.  WTF!?! What charity is this for?  And shouldn’t I get a choice?  It’s not really a charity if I’m forced to pay it.  Then it’s a demand.

Anyway, last night’s concert was just magic.  And not just because of the band, which was amazing, but because:

  • I won the tickets, I’ve never won anything like that.  How flipping cool? So, as I said, I like Kings of Leon but I don’t like them for $116. And even free tickets cost me about $100 once I factor in the cost of parking, beer (which, let’s face it, is an essential part of the experience.  4 $8 beers. OUCH!) and a concert tee (which cost me $40 but looks great on).
  • I got all my stuff with my kids settled.  All 3 of them had activities that didn’t end until 8 pm, and the concert started at 7:30. They all attended their activities and we left them safely at home before we could go.
  • We got a great parking spot.
  • My timing was perfect. I walked in, bought my shirt and walked into the tent just as the first chord was strummed.
  • I got carded every time I tried to buy beer (which, once you’re over 30 is totally flattering but annoying if you were too stupid to bring your ID, like me)
  • The weather was good.  It had been pouring rain and was a bit nippy most of the day.  It was the perfect temperature for being stuck under a tent and the rain stopped.
  • The band was amazing.  They played all the big hits.  The lead singer doesn’t talk a lot, which I like.  The crowd was really great, singing along to everything.  I’m still on the high of seeing a great show.
  • I didn’t have to beat down any stupid people and no one spilled anything on me.
  • We had no problem getting out of the parking lot after the show
  • My kids were in bed and asleep when I got home and hadn’t destroyed anything.

Those things, and being with the perfect date, made last night a perfect, perfect night.  It must have been fated for everything to turn out just like that.


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