Ooh, Shiny

(originally posted 5/23/2009)

It’s been a while since I’ve completed any new jewelry projects.  I’ve got 3 things sitting on my beading/chainmaille board that I’ve been working on for the past few months, but I just seem to either not have the time or not have the creative motivation to finish these things.

I took a jewelry class today though.  It’s been a few months since I’d taken one.  Each class I take demonstrates a project which you finish in class.

I made this today.

I love it.  Taking a class is great because, although I could have learned this with a kit by myself, you have the time set aside and you’re with other people which keeps you motivated.

I didn’t stay to see everyone finish their bracelets, but it was neat to see that each one was different.  Two ladies made their bracelets in copper.  I love copper, but I was afraid that the large rings would be too soft to hold.  Unless the gauge of the wire is really heavy, maybe 14 gauge or lower, or you’re soldering I don’t trust rings much larger than 5 mm (inner ring diameter).  And everyone seemed to pick a different bead type.  One lady said that she wasn’t going to use any stone or crystal.  One lady picked all different pastel color Swarovskis in the sterling silver bracelet.  Another woman picked all different Swarovskis in bright jewel tones to set in her copper bracelet.  The woman sitting next to me brought in beach glass that she had drilled.  That was really unique.  She had dark blue and aqua colored tiny pieces of beach glass.  It gave the bracelet a vary different feel.

I just really loved this brilliant blue color.  I feel it really stands out against the silver.  I was the only person who used a single color (maybe someone else did a single color after I left).

After taking my class today, I’m all psyched up to start working on my jewelry again.


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