But it was Saturday Night, I Guess That Makes it Alright

(originally posted 5/24/2009)

My husband decided that we needed to go on a date together.  I love going out, but I hate picking the activities.  I know that sounds lame, but I’m not one of those women who gets all pissy if the guy picks the “wrong” places.  It’s not a test.  If I really object to the planned activities, I will say so in a non-bitchy way.  But generally (about 97.65243% of the time), I’m happy to be going somewhere and so I don’t even care where I’m going and what I’m doing.  I’ll have a good time and I’ll make sure everyone else with me does too!

We started out at the movies  and after  we went over to Brio and sat on the patio.  Brio has a good (and very cheap, $2.95 each) appetizer menu for the bar.

One of the items on this menu is 4 sliders with fresh potato chips. They end up being the size of a whole burger.  It’s a great deal, and yummy.  So, we ordered the sliders and an appetizer of meatballs with polenta (not on the bar menu but I love polenta.  It’s tough to make good polenta, you honestly have to stir the stuff the entire cook time and for truly creamy, traditional polenta, cook time is 45 minutes.  No wonder those old Italian women had such giant upper arms!), and a bowl of lobster bisque.  Everything was really good.  Not knock-my-socks of outstanding, but solid.  Much better than most chain restaurants.

The most interesting thing we ordered was a raspberry mojito (mojito, mojito, that’s not a gay drink).  If it’s raspberry, it’s not mine.  Raspberries are one of the few food items that I just don’t like.  Mixed with other things, it’s sometimes okay, but if you have to mix it for me to like it, there’s no point, so I just normally just skip anything that contains raspberries.

When the mojito came out, it was so beautiful, I forgot that it was raspberry.  It looked like someone poured salsa in the glass.  In fact, it was so pretty, I even tried it.  The sourness of the raspberries were balanced nicely by the other ingredients.  I might even order one  myself sometime.  My husband really liked it, his only complaint was that it was rather “chewy” because of all the fresh ingredients.  For me, that’s a major plus.  I don’t like to chew my beverages, but I appreciate fresh ingredients.

I liked the lobster bisque. I once made lobster bisque from frozen lobster tails (yes, yes, it would have been better to use fresh, live lobsters, but I just can’t bring myself to kill them.  I can’t even clean the fish I catch).  It was a total pain in the butt, cost a fortune (aside from the cost of the lobsters, I needed fresh tarragon and creme fraiche, neither of which is easy to find). I’ll take Brio’s lobster bisque any day.  Cheaper than making my own and someone cleans all the cookware.

To finish off our date, we walked over to Borders.  My husband saw this and insisted on buying it for me.I swear.  He pointed it out and told me that he would get it for me and I said “no” that I’d “feel stupid”.  And that sealed it, he was going to buy it no matter what I said.  It’s kind of strange to be in my 30s and having my husband know that a Hello Kitty sticker book is a good present for me.

He also got me the latest issue of AP (Alternative Press).  I guess if you take the age of the intended audience for each of those things and average them, that makes me emotionally about 10!

Oh, and maybe someone was giving me a hint, because someone had left this book in the magazine area right where I was looking for AP.  Now if only I new which habits from which I should break free.  I have so many bad habits.  What should I work on first.

Maybe I should break my habit of playing with Hello Kitty sticker books (honestly, doing this with my son is a great stress release.  I can pretend it’s because I’m spending time with him, but….).

It was great.  I love having some kid-free time.  And Crocker Park is a great place to be kid-free for an evening.


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