Suave Body Wash for Men

(originally posted 5/26/2009)

I was half asleep in the shower this morning.  That’s a pretty standard state on a work day.
The notable thing about this morning is that I was staring up at my husbands bottle of Suave Active Sport body wash for Men.  The guy on the bottle appears to be obese.

It’s a silhouette (in shades of orange) of a man doing a lay up(?).  It might be a bad angle or the shirt.  But whatever it is:

  • Is this really the image that Suave wants consumers to associate with a product called “Active Sport”.
  • Did Suave’s competitors design the bottle?
  • If the man used for the model really was fat, wouldn’t you photoshop that?
  • Did a blind person ok the graphics?
  • Seriously, this was the best label Suave could come up with
  • how much did Suave pay for the bottle graphics?
  • If you can’t pay for an in-shape model and your graphics department isn’t sophisticated enough to photoshop a SILHOUETTE to appear in-shape, how about you just use pictures of random sporting equipment?

Really, this is an awful bottle design.  If my husband keeps using this body wash, will he get fat? I’m going to throw that garbage away as soon as I get home just in case.


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