Serving Size

(originally posted 6/9/2009)

I’ve had this little packet of Gatorade Propel Powder forever and I finally decided to use it today.

I’m a curious person, so I was reading the little 0.2 oz package and, I am not joking,

that little 0.2 oz package is considered 2 servings!

Break down and write that it is 20 calories.  Don’t pretend like someone is going to use half of the pouch.  That’s why it’s in that little pouch.  The whole purpose of wasting that packaging is so that it’s a convenience item.  Trying to save half in a package that’s not resealable is NOT convenient.

First, I guess this doesn’t matter to me in the long run because I would never buy this product.  I have it because I got it as a free sample somewhere and it’s been sitting in my desk until today.

Second, I wouldn’t buy this product because I don’t like single serve packaging.  It’s wasteful.  I’ll buy the big economy size and split it up into reusable containers.  I have tons of plastic storage containers.  I really don’t even use sandwich bags.  I pack lunches using reusable containers even though they aren’t very convenient (they’re bigger, you have to bring them home). But I use the plastic storage containers because  I don’t like being wasteful.

Third, and most important, how many people are going to look at the packet and say,” Wow, if only that were 10 calories rather than 20, I would’ve bought it.  Now I need to find something else”?

BE REASONABLE! Many people are starting to read labels.  It’s important for that information to be accurate.  But it’s even more important for companies to be reasonable when determining serving sizes.

Convenience foods should be 1 serving size.  Any reasonable person would look at food packaged in convenience sizes as a single serving.  So, if you’re selling a convenience size package of chips, list the nutrition information as though it will be eaten as one serving (because we all  know it will, who are these companies trying to fool?).  Yes, this new nutrition label looks bad, because CHIPS ARE BAD! But it’s not really going to deter your core market from eating them.  Hopefully, it will convince your consumers to be a little more health conscious at the next meal.

This goofy serving size stuff makes me nuts.  It’s so dishonest.  It borders on criminal behavior.  Yes, if one looks, it’s typed on there, but really, no one saves a half a soda in a can.



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