Big Fun

(originally posted 6/22/2009)

Big Fun is an iconic toy store (toy store may be defining it a bit too narrowly but I’m going with it) in Coventry.

It is filled (every spot available) with toys and collectibles and “stuff”.   I can’t even begin to adequately describe it except to say that it’s fun and totally cheesy.

Coventry is such a great place but you can’t get there from here.  In fact, you can’t get there from anywhere. It’s entirely too far from any highways and the traffic on the city streets over there is awful.  I love all the stores and restaurants there (and the hookah bar.  Well, I would love the hookah bar if they gave you the sanitary tips for the hookah hoses) but I almost never go just because it’s so horrible to drive there.

And one of the best reasons to go to Coventry is to visit Big Fun.  It really has been there forever.

Well, they finally opened a Big Fun on the westside of Cleveland! Hooray!  And I took my husband there this weekend (my husband is a lifelong Clevelander and has never been to Big Fun.  Shame, shame on him).

The new one is not completely set up; there are still some empty drawers and bare wall space.  But it’s still fun.

The neighborhood is great to walk in, it’s on Clifton around W110.  There are some lovely little boutique shops and little eateries.  There’s a lovely coffee shop and a Liquid Planet (ooh, smoothies.  Robek’s has nothing on Liquid Planet.  Robek’s is an expensive slushie.  Liquid Planet has real smoothies) . Actually, Big Fun is right across from Twist, which is another iconic establishment.

Anyway, I have to share two pictures.  I swear I don’t seek these things out.

sorry this is so blurry – I as laughing so hard that I couldn’t keep my hand steady

I swear that I don’t have a moustache obsession.  I just find them cheesy and hilarious.  I’ve only ever met a few men who can work the moustache.  Most guys look like they’re extras from bad 70s porn or bad 70s westerns.  There’s only one guy, other than my dad, who I thought looked better with a moustache than without.

Oh, and aside from finding silly moustaches, Big Fun had World’s Greatest  Super Pirates action figures. And Lenore toys (Lenore is a character from a series of Roman Dirge comics).  This is the only place that I’ve seen Lenore toys.

My husband had a good time and he kept me in check.  It was soooo hard to resist.  They have pink moustaches and Lenore! This is the first time I’ve ever been in Big Fun and didn’t buy anything. This is also the first time I’ve been there with my husband.  Coincidence?



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