Community Pride

(originally posted 6/30/2009)

I don’t know if every city does this, but every once in a while (I don’t know the interval. yearly? every other year?) my city produces a little community magazine.  I received mine in the mail last week and just looked at it today.

I didn’t actually read any of it, I glanced at the titles and skimmed over it to see if I’d find anything useful before I recycle this.

Well, I didn’t find anything useful, but I did find this article.

Seriously, I scanned the headline, was about to turn the page, and then I saw the zucchini.  Why didn’t they just put a picture of penises?

Come on, at least change the title.  Why does it matter that the president is male? Did women ban the club from working with all phallic shaped fruits and vegetables? WTF?


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