I'm Cuckoo for Coconut MnMs

(originally posted 6/24/2009)

I have no misconceptions about MnMs. I realize they aren’t health food.

But did the makers have to ruin my buzz by putting the calorie count really large in the lower left front corner?

My husband bought me two packs of “special edition” coconut MnMs for my birthday (he also bought other stuff, I’m not easy or cheap).
I ate them anyway, but it totally took away the fun when I say the “210 calories” text on the package. I didn’t want to know! If I did, I’d have turned the package over and looked for that information. I know how to look for nutrition facts, and normally I do. But this was for a fun treat, not a routine indulgence.

By the way, they were still delicious. They might have been better without the nutrition info but now I’ll never know!

My husband has been trying to get me a package of the special edition strawberry peanut butter MnMs. Those sound way too good. My favorite flavor is peanut butter. Even those are hard to find. But they’re awesome. They blow Reese’s Pieces away. No contest. When I need a little indulgent snack, I sometimes look for peanut butter MnMs (there are much better comfort foods, and certainly much, much better indulgences, but everyone slums it every now and again). I can’t understand stores that carry those nasty Reese’s Pieces but don’t have peanut butter MnMs.


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