Realistic Cat Food Flavors

(originally posted 6/28/2009)

Why do pet food manufacturers use flavors like beef and venison for cat food?  When is a cat ever really going to catch, kill, and consume a cow or a deer?

Here are my  suggestions for realistic cat food flavors:

  • Chipmunk chunk – real chipmunk, fur still attached
  • Squirrel stew – real squirrel with bits of grass and dirt because that’s what a cat stew would be like, there would be NO vegetables involved (because vegetables are for people stew)
  • Vole with gravy – the addition of gravy is to cater to the insane pet owners who think that their pets should eat like them
  • Bird Blend – various types of birds, assortment varies by region – Cleveland area blend would include Robins, Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and an occasional old Crow
  • Snake and eggs – garter snake and robin eggs (shell included), the breakfast of champions

Honestly, I love how the cat food commercials all talk about being natural and about a cat’s nutritional needs.  Then the foods are all made to look like people foods, and are made in people food flavors.  No cat ever diced and cooked up carrots and potatoes.  My cat won’t even eat carrots and potatoes.  No cat cares is the food out of the can is in perfect little shaved pieces, or uniformly ground.  People care about that when they eat.

My cat will eat the scrambled egg I threw on the floor for her.  Presentation is not an issue with her.

So the next time I see a cat food commercial talking about what cats want and need, I want to see foods that cats could realistically catch and would realistically have the opportunity to eat in the wild.


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