Are You Serious?

(originally posted 8/26/2009)

I was reading Fitness magazine yesterday and I saw one of those typical “find the perfect jeans for your body type” articles.

While it is true that the cut of one’s clothing can make a big difference in one’s appearance, I found this article truly ridiculous.

It showed women of each body type before being fitted with the “correct” pair of jeans and after.  The models were posed in totally different ways for the before and after pictures so the reader could not make an honest comparison of the improvement the jeans made to the model’s overall appearance.  I found this to be really strange.  Of course the models looked better in the after pictures! In the before pictures, they were looking at the camera head on and after they were posed to the side with the knee bent in front (all the typical red carpet posing tricks to appear slimmer).

Also, it was really strange that the after pictures didn’t show the specific area improvements mentioned in the accompanying text.  One body type makeover specifically mentioned the slimming effect a pair of jeans had on the butt and then didn’t show the butt! This is important stuff!

The worst part was one they recommended a pair of really loud yellow jeans for pear shaped women.  Because nothing slims you like bright yellow! Did they get the before and after confused on that one?  Did a color blind person write the article? Yellow jeans on someone who’s trying to slim their lower half!

The yellow jeans were the most egregious example of trying to make women look their worst, but the other picks weren’t much better.  Thanks, I think I’ll do better on my own than if I use your article as a guide.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t care that it was my last issue.


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