Egg Salad, Yummy Yummy

(originally posted 8/7/2009)

My dyed hair is really fried.  I look like every hair band member from the late 80s/early 90s.  Bad, over-processed, frizzed out hair.

I always use good shampoo and conditioner.  Lately, I’ve been using TIGI Catwalk Bed Head Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner.  Although I also use TIGI Bed Head Moisture Maniac shampoo and conditioner, and I’m fond of Biolage’s hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Daily Treatment, and Matrix’s Sleek.Look shampoo and conditioner.  I generally switch it up between those products.

Well, nothing is helping.  Too much sun and too much dye have just destroyed my hair.  I’ve tried a ton of those stupid anti-frizz treatments (lotions, balms, whatever) and they are ineffective.

So last night I tried a home remedy.  It involved mayonnaise, olive oil, and eggs.  I smelled like an egg salad.  Even after I washed it out (you’re supposed to rinse only, no shampoo), I smelled the egg and mayo.  This morning I shampooed and I still smell the egg and mayo!  Ugh!

My hair does feel a bit softer and the fried ends are less noticeable.  I think I need a few more treatments.  Even though it’ll cost much more money, I think that I’m going to end up buying a hair repair mask just so that I don’t reek of egg salad. It’s not an attractive scent (unless I decide that I want to attract hungry people/insects/pets).

Even then, I’m not sure anything will help; I may need to break down and cut my hair and start over.  And then I will weep.  I love my long, blonde-y hair. I wanted to grow it a little longer.  I even gave up all heat styling to help preserve my hair. Wah!


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