Kathy Griffin at the State Theater 2009

(originally posted 8/21/2009)

I have never confused Kathy Griffin with Kathy Lee Gifford.  I have loved Kathy Griffin since she was on Suddenly Susan.  I thought she was the draw (well, her and Nestor Carbonell.  Even he’s not hot enough to make me care about Lost though).  It should have been called Suddenly Kathy (or Suddenly Nestor.  I can’t be bothered to look up their character names).

I haven’t been in the State Theater since I was about 12.  I think I saw a production of My Fair Lady or something there.  The theater is gorgeous, but the seating is made for 12 year olds.  Leg room! Give me leg room! I’m not even tall.

Anyway, I have never seen Kathy live before and I was really surprised that she doesn’t have an opening act.  We were sitting in our uncomfortable seats waiting, waiting for the show to start and about 10 minutes after show time, the curtain went up to reveal a large screen.  And a 10 minute or so video montage of interviews and movie and tv clips were played as a show opener.  Now, I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for my tickets, but I believe it was around $100 for two seats was up in the mezzanine.  So I wondered how screwed I was going to feel when I left because I paid around $100 for a pair of nosebleed tickets to see a single comedian.

The montage itself was incredibly interesting.  It’s amazing to see how many shows and movies she has appeared in.  It was nice to see the footage of her dad.  It was nice to be reminded of how her real face looked.  she was cute.  Not hot or a classic beauty, but pleasing to look at.  I liked her old face.

Well, Kathy came on and covered her usual type of topics.  A really great treat was the very timely stuff about her date to the Teen Choice Awards, Levi Johnston.  It was funny to hear her talk about that so soon after it happened.  But she also talked about meeting Michael Jackson once, Oprah, the Real Housewives from various locations, health care, town hall meetings, death panels, Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Speidi, Joe Jackson, and Miley Cyrus.  She did a great reenactment of Miley Cyrus’ pole dancing.  She talked about Donald Trump, her mom, and her new book.

She was funny.  I didn’t feel cheated but I probably wouldn’t see her live again.  I love going to see live music.  There’s an energy and a (false I know) feeling of connection with the band that you can’t get listened to prerecorded music.  Also, it’s a chance for me to dance like the feral girl I am.  And while there is definitely a specific energy going when one sees a live comedian, it’s not as fun for me as watching from my couch at home.  I can see facial expressions from my couch.  If I miss a punchline, I can rewind (TIVO rules) until I make it out.  If I hear or see something particularly funny, I can rewatch it as many times as I want (provided that my husband actually lets me touch the remote, which is rare).  I can get up and use the potty and eat messy food and sit in a comfy chair and be naked (don’t picture it, it’s not pretty).  Those things are better for me than to seeing a live comedian.  It would be different if I could have afforded seats in one of those gorgeous opera boxes. Then I would go.  And I think she is funny enough that, if I had that kind of disposable income, I would have gladly ponied up opera box ticket money to see her.

I had a great time.  I really liked the experience.  And, although she insists that it isn’t true, straight men do go to see her without coersion.  I can’t remember if the tickets were my idea or his, but they might have been my husband’s idea.  He likes her as much as I do.  He had a good time.


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