Year of the Ox Sculptures in Cleveland’s Asiatown

(originally posted 8/9/2009)

My husband and I took our kids on a scavenger hunt (sort of) for the Asiatown Year of the Ox Sculptures that are displayed around Cleveland (if you’re unfamiliar with this, you can read about it here).

There are 21 of them and we found 17.

They are (I might have some of these mixed up, but I think I have them matched up correctly):

1. Vincent Van Ox
Billy Nainiger
Sponsor: Artefino Café
Location: Tower Press Building, 1900 Superior Ave
2. I, Robotox
Ron & Margie Hill
Sponsor: Silverlode
Location: Artcraft Bldg, 2530 Superior Ave
3. Ji Chou; Sacred Cow
Beth Gregerson
Sponsor: Asia Plaza
Location: 2999 Payne Ave (inside)
4. Hugs & Kisses Ox
Terri Snider
Sponsor: ASI International
Location: Mitzi Jerman’s Tavern, 3840 St. Clair Ave
5. Ferdinand
Lisa Ruschman
Sponsor: Marigold Catering
Location: 3901 Lakeside Ave
6. Joxen Pollock
JoAnn DePolo
Sponsor: Sampson-Carnegie
Location: 1419 E 40th St
7. Royal Ox
Veronica Zak
Sponsor: Consolidated
Graphics Group
Location: Graphics Arts Ctr, 1614 E 40th St
8. Golden Fire Ox
Mitzi Lai
Sponsor: National City, now a part of PNC
Location: 4005 Chester Ave
9. Babe
Martin Boyle
Sponsor: Kocian Meats
Location: 4058 St. Clair Ave
10. Rox Star
Sylvia Masek
Sponsor: St Clair Superior Development Corporation
Location: 4205 St Clair Ave
11. Down to Earth Ox
Karen Wellman
Sponsor: Day Glo
Location: 4515 St. Clair Ave
12. Oxtor
Rick Heller
Sponsor: Ohio Technical College
Location: 1374 E 51st St
13. Jack in the Ox
Billy Nainiger
Sponsor: Erie Tavern
Location: 5393 St Clair Ave
14. Foxy Ox from Fort Knox
Jo Ann DePolo
Sponsor: Dominion
Location: 1201 E 55th St
15. Sunny
Michael Greenwald
Sponsor: Custom Rubber
Location: 1274 E 55th St
16. Babe, it’s time for a change!
Krisztina Lazar
Sponsor: Ozanne Construction
Location: Goodrich Gannett Neighborhood Center , 1400 E 55th St
17. Fire Toe
Alane Sandoval & Scott Pickering
Sponsor: Sheliga Drug
Location: 6025 St Clair Ave
18. Barack Ox
Willie Duck
Sponsor: St Martin
de Porres High School
Location: 6111 Lausche
19. Vincent Ox Gogh
Milan Kecman
Sponsor: Shorebank
Location: Wade Oval in University Circle
20. Cleveland Ox
JoAnn DePolo
Sponsor: Councilman Joe Cimperman
Location: Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Ave
21. Happy Ox
Kirk Mangus
Sponsor: Legal News Publishing
Location: The Galleria at Erieview, 1301 East 9th St (courtyard)
I hope that I have the pics I’ve included are correctly identified.  I seem to have accidentally deleted two of my pictures, those for #10 (Rox Star) and #14 (Foxy Ox from Fort Know).  Also, I didn’t know where Lausche (street? drive? road? lane? avenue?) was and I was too lazy to look it up (it didn’t appear on my County Street Atlas.  Kiss my ass, I’m old school, I still have an atlas), so we didn’t see #18.  We didn’t want to go all the way to University Circle or to Cleveland City Hall so we didn’t see #19 or #20.  And #21 was in the courtyard of the Galleria and to have to park and go over to the courtyard was just not worth it.
Ohio Technical Collage had a rat sculpture and 2 dog sculptures also.  I only took a picture of one of the two dogs.

It was really fun.  What a neat display of public art! I’m so loving it.


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