Bad Advertising Again

(originally posted 10/12/2009)

I was flipping through the latest issue of New Equipment Digest (no lie, that’s seriously the name of a publication.  I even provided the link if you’re curious).

Anyway, I was flipping through the latest issue of New Equipment Digest and I noticed an ad for “Fabric Wall Systems” from a company called Zoneworks.  I’m not sure why I stopped on this ad but I scanned through the couple sentence summary of the product and had to reread it five times.  I had to keep rereading because it said …”systems are easy to install and maintain, and are reportedly more economical than permanent walls…”

Who is “reporting” that your product is more economical than permanent walls, Zoneworks?  Wouldn’t it be Zoneworks reporting that fabric walls are more economical?  Who else would make such a claim?  And, Zoneworks, if you are trying to claim that the walls are more economical, why not just say so?  Why do you need to make a vague claim of economic advantage and make it sound like someone else is saying it?   And, if the walls are more economical, where is the data?  What criteria did you use to determine this?  It sounds to me like you might be a bit full of crap.

Who in their right mind would order from a company that would use this type of advertising?  It’s so weird to see late night tv style advertising in a professional publication.  Although, I also recently received an ad for Big Ass Fans industrial fans.  I couldn’t believe it.   Even if I needed one of their fans, there’s no way I would purchase from them.  How would I put that on my monthly report?  “Yes, boss.  I spent $500 at Big Ass Fans”.   It would be funny if it weren’t a work product.  If I went to Trader Joe’s and saw something labeled “Big Ass Hotdogs” or “Big Ass Cookies”  or well, whatever, that would be fine.  I’d laugh at the joke and probably buy the product.  It’s just not happening for work though.

More and more I think the business world needs me.  And I’m talking to you, Spitzer Autoworld.  And you too, Evil Eye Sports Fishing.  And you too, Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Call me.  Have your money ready, I only accept cash.


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