I Have So Many Questions

(originally posted 10/15/2009)

On my ride home this evening, I saw a strange sight.

cardboard box or car art?

There was a subcompact blue car (I don’t know the make.  Kia maybe).   In the rear window, someone had affixed one side from a carton of Marlboro cigarettes and one side of the cardboard from a case of Bud Light.  Really.  Someone had taken the time to cut out the logo sides of the cardboard containers from a carton of cigarettes and a case of beer.  And then that same person (or someone else, I don’t know.  I’d much rather believe that only one person was involved in this pursuit) taped these masterpieces in the rear window of a vehicle.  And is driving around like that.

Is this a cry for help?

Is it an indicator of the owner’s financial condition?

Is it meant to explain something? Lack of a better car? (because he spends it all all beer and cigarettes)  Behavior?  Inability to keep a job?

Is it a warning for police?  Is this to let the cops know to just pull this guy over now before he hurts someone?

I must know! I must know why someone would do this.

Is it an artistic statement? If so, they picked the wrong brew.  All the local hipster artists drink Pabst (because strangely, Pabst is the sponsor for many local art galleries).

Where did you go, oh guy with rubbish sense of style?  Where are you my Kia-driving man of mystery?  We have much to talk about.


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