Moustache Baby

(originally posted 10/6/2009)

Ok. I love cheese.  And moustaches have to be one of the most cheesetastic things ever!

Seriously, I own a plush moustache.  It makes me laugh.  It has eyes!

Anyway, I read one of those odd news stories and it talked about the American Moustache Institute! (although its clearly a bit low rent as it uses the spelling of moustache without the “o”.  And all moustaches deserve an “o”. Well, maybe not all moustaches, but a lot of them do.  And if they don’t deserve the “o”, than I don’t want to be bothered with them).

And although I normally hear Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds when people speak of iconic moustaches, the American Moustache Institute has a “Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year”.   The winner will be decided by online vote at a “Stache Bash” on October 30th.  The host of the ceremony is John Oates.  How awesome is that?

I wish my older brother was on the ballot.  I wonder if there’s a write in option.  My older brother has some of the cheesiest facial hair ever.  Not in that hip, everyone-else-is-wearing-it-this-way, crap facial hair but in the I-just-stepped-out-of-1974 facial hair.  It’s a bad, polyester-wearing, porn-star moustache.  If my brother had a theme song, it would be a Barry White rip off. He’d walk into a room and a song that sounded just-different-enough-from-a-Barry-White-song-to-not-get-sued (or have to pay royalties) would start playing.

Anyway, go vote, it’s fun.


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