What Was That?!?!

(originally posted 11/5/2009)

So, I’m sitting at a bar tonight with several people from work.  It’s this sports bar/restaurant.

And out of nowhere walk in this odd collection of guys with an odd assortment of musical (I use the term loosely) instruments.  A tuba (that had a finish I’ve never seen before.  I think it’s called “sat in a shed for 30 years” glaze), an accordian, a cowbell, a washboard (no lie.  I wish this was not true), and that string on a broomstick thing (what is that? I have no idea what to call it).  These guys walk in and just start playing.

I’m convinced that they weren’t asked to be there.  They played for about a half an hour.  I just think no one was brave enough to kick them out.

I’m such an ass, after the first song, I started yelling “Free Bird”.  Ha! I told my boss that he needed to dance with me  (he was very worried that I might be serious).  I told my coworkers that I was going to ask them for an autograph.

Honestly though, I’ve only seen a band like that in a cartoon.  It was a truly horrifying experience.  I feel like we should have all been interviewed at the scene afterward.  I want to sit down with a police sketch artist.  They need to do something about these men.  They aurally assaulted me and my coworkers!  I insist on justice.


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