Hottie Home Maintenance Wish of the Day

(originally posted 11/22/2009)

Painting one’s house should work the same way that Microsoft paint works.  You should be able to pick a color and hit the paint can and the whole wall should turn that color. Also, if you want to do custom work with a paint brush, you should be able to right click and erase your last brush stroke (or that big drip of paint that just landed on my carpet because somehow I was able to get it to drip on the tiny bit of uncovered carpet rather than the ton of newspaper that’s on the floor).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.  And I am apparently the Earl Scheib of house painting.  You remember them right? Paint your whole car for $99.  And you better like that color, because everything was going to be that color; the windshield, the mirrors, the trim, the bumper, maybe even your wheels.  I had no idea, until I googled them to make sure I was spelling Scheib right, that they were still in existence.  That’s brilliant.  That’s also how I paint.  That’s why I”m sitting here blogging about painting while my husband actually does the painting.  I help, but it’s more helpful when I go get him another coffee while he paints.  Really.

I never could color in the lines.


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