Buckeye Beer Engine

(originally posted 1/17/2010)

I had dinner at Buckeye Beer Engine to finish off the evening.  Oh my was it packed.  I love when my favorite places are packed.  This place is amazing.  They have a 5 page bottled beer list.

My husband and I started off with Left Hand St. Vrain Trippel. I don’t know what a trippel is except that it’s yummy. It was sweet, which I wouldn’t expect from an ale (see how I lied there? First I said that I didn’t know what a trippel is and then said it was an ale).  It’s not sweet like chocolate is sweet but sweet for a beer.  So many ale’s are so bitter. This was nice.

I followed that with St. Louis Framboise which is sweet like chocolate sweet.  And tart.  I love this.  And I love the company website.

My husband had a Fransizkaner Hefe Weissbier. It may be the smoothest beer I ever tasted.  If all beer tasted like this, I would drink beer all the time.  I don’t think of myself as a big fan of beer but that might just be because I’ve been drinking the wrong kinds of beer!

We had food too.  And oh, what food.  We started off with fried pickles and adobo beef egg rolls. The last time we were there we had had these same egg rolls, but they had this ginger dipping sauce which I found too ginger-y. The new sauce is perfect. Both items were delicious. Then we shared the hippie burger. I would’ve eaten this burger plain.  The burger itself was so good, it didn’t need a single thing, not even the bun. Most places slap a bunch of stuff on the burger because it needs it.  These really are gournet burgers. The hippie burger has bbq sauce, bacon, and blue cheese slaw. It’s amazing.

And, while I was there, I learned what a hefe glass is. A hefe, or hefeweizen glass, is the the tall hourglass shaped glass.  Apparently, the shape is supposed to allow the beer to properly breathe.  I like it because it holds more beer.


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