Christmas Cat Cliché

(originally posted 11/29/2009)

My cat got stuck in our Christmas tree.  Talk about a cliche, except for one thing: our tree is artificial.  I just put that up (with the help of my kids and a friend of Thing 2) the day before.

Last year the cat was really well behaved around the Christmas tree.  Of course, I doubt that she was able to get  close to it often as our old dog used to attack her viciously whenever we weren’t around.

This year, with just the one dog who’s rather afraid of her, the cat has decided that the tree is a giant cat toy composed of many other cat toys.  It took her less than an hour to start knocking off  all the bottom ornaments.  I don’t have many glass ornaments, but I made sure the few I have are higher up the tree now.

I didn’t actually witness the stuck-in-a-tree incident.  Thing 1 said that she was playing video games when she heard the cat incessantly meowing.  Thing 1 went over and freed Rin.

It’s rather hilarious.  She’s not the most cat-like cat.  She’s not even a little graceful. She will come when she’s called (but she won’t come all the way, and she won’t come quickly, unless there’s food involved and then she’ll race over with all the lack of dignity of a dog).  She will sort of walk on a leash. Although, I guess, getting stuck in a tree is a cat cliché.

Merry Christmas!


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