Industry Group Dishonesty

(originally posted 11/29/2009)

Some industry group for high fructose corn syrup put together this web site that tries to refute all the negative (but accurate) information about high fructose corn syrup and its damaging health effects.  The group must be spending a lot of money on search engine placement too because it’s the first site that comes up on google and some site called “right health” when one searches for “high fructose corn syrup”.   And seriously, how dishonest is it to have that as the first result on a site that portrays itself as a health information site.   Before the Mayo Clinic, before the National Institutes of Health, an industry group site is listed.  Great.  I’m sure that they will tell us the truth about their product.  If you can’t trust a special interest group, who can you trust? (that’s sarcasm for those who aren’t sure).


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