Give Me Silver, Blue, and Gold

My rainbow is overdue.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to sit and make anything.  Now I’m feeling so inspired that I can’t wait to finish one project before I start another.  Here’s a peek at my work board right now:

I have a beautiful European 4-in-1 stainless steel mesh cuff, that I love.  I just love the way the European weaves move, just like fabric.  It’s addictive to play with my stainless steel cuff. I decided to try a European 6-in-1 bracelet.

I’m using 18 gauge 5.0 mm sterling silver rings from Urban Maille.  They are so amazing to use, I wish I could afford to make everything in these rings.  I’m about halfway done with this bracelet.  The European 4-in-1 and 6-in-1 are really easy weaves.  These are great beginner weaves.  Here’s a shot of my European 6-in-1 bracelet (in progress):

Although, as I said, I haven’t done any jewelry-making in a long time, so before I finished this, I started a necklace in anodized aluminum.  Over a year ago, I bought 6 colors of 16 gauge 4.8 mm rings from the Ring Lord.  I’ve learned something VERY important about anodized aluminum rings.  The sizes are not the same as stainless, sterling, or copper rings.  I bought this size because it’s a good size for many popular weaves, I should be able to use these rings in a byzantine weave, but I cannot.

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with all these rings, and, European 4-in-1 it is! I’m making a necklace, however, I put a center point V in the weave.  Here:

While being unclear about how the dye changes the aspect ratio is my bad, I’m still disappointed in the anodized rings from Ring Lord.  The color varies a lot more than the anodized aluminum rings that I purchased somewhere else.  And the cuts are just not smooth.  I’m still going to make some cool stuff with them though, cuz I got mad skillz.

And the third little project I started is a caged bead project.  I love the look of caged beads.  The only problem with making them is measuring.  I hate having to measure (which insures that I won’t ever become a great wire artist).  When I have to measure and be exact, somehow I feel as though my creativity is being stifled.  Although I’m totally anal retentive about things, I do not enjoy having to be exact when I’m creating jewelry (or drawing).

Oh well, it’s so pretty, that I will break down and measure so that I can have a bracelet of interlocking caged beads.

I’m just using some pink glass beads and some 18 gauge craft wire.  The only tools I’m using are 1 pair of round nose pliers, 1 pair of chain nose pliers, and 1 pair of wire cutters.


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