Pirate Strawberries

I was shopping at Giant Eagle a few weeks ago and I saw the strangest promotion for strawberries.  Here, look:
The bad product association continues:
I love strawberries.  And I love pirates.  I have no idea what they are meaning by putting the two things together.  It’s not September, Talk Like a Pirate Day is months and months away.

Is this meant to imply that one will get scurvy if he (she) doesn’t eat strawberries?

My kids have those swords.  Someone always ends up crying when they play with those stupid things.  I should really throw them away when the kids aren’t looking.

I’m still confused.  Wouldn’t other produce items be better at preventing scurvy than strawberries?  Wouldn’t the threat of scurvy sell more oranges than strawberries?

I’m so confused.


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