Crocker Park Patios

My husband and I really needed to find a good patio last weekend.  So we decided to go to Crocker Park  where patios are plentiful.

We started off at Blake’s mostly because my dad talks so highly about it.  We’ve visited once before, and our waitress on that visit was exceptional, but the food was only so-so for the price.  But I figured it was time to give it another shot.

The place was relatively empty as we sat at the outdoor bar, however, I was pretty dismayed to find that the bar was filthy.  Really.  Crumbs and yuck on the bar.  The bartender was obviously unhappy and not in any rush to fill our drink orders.  We had planned to order some food, but the bartender was so slow and unwelcoming that we ended up downing our drinks and leaving quickly.

Our next stop was Agave.  I’ve been here a couple times before and came away with a tepid feeling for this place.  The first time we visited, the service was just terrible.  My husband and I also thought that the food was good (quality), but there were no sauces, the food seemed rather dry and bland.  It’s Mexican food, I expect flavor.

But the patio is always packed and the people all seem to be having a good time.   And, summer on a patio just screams for a margarita.

I am so happy we decided to stop here.  We had intended to have a small bite and a drink or two before proceeding to another yet another patio.  We never made it to another patio.

I started with a mango margarita.  It was so good, the tequila so smooth, that even I liked it.  I always like the idea of a margarita better than the reality of  a margarita because, to me, tequila smells like gasoline.  And that smell just ruins the whole thing.  There was no gasoline smell.  It was lovely.  My husband stuck with Dos Equis.

We ordered three small plates.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, 11 hours earlier, and three small plates between the two of us left us feeling really full.


First, we had ceviche.   I love ceviche.  This ceviche has calamari and shrimp.  It is lovely and and more like a dip than some other interpretations of ceviche.  But it’s served with their lovely chips.

cuban sliders

We then had Cuban sliders. They are pulled pork sliders.  I could do without the mayo, but otherwise these are fantastic.  I don’t understand why the shoestring fries and the slaw that accompany the sliders are so bland but whatever.

The last thing we had was a 1/2 slab of ribs.  Seriously, sliders and ribs.  I needed to skip lunch to be able to eat this.  It was worth skipping lunch to get to eat this.  the meat was wonderfully tender, the sauce was nice, but sparse.  The Caribbean slaw was just the regular slaw topped with some really yummy something (jicama?? I can’t identify it, I was pretty buzzed by the time I got to the Caribbean slaw.  They should have had more of the stuff that made it Caribbean in the slaw instead of just a bit on top.  In fact, they should just get rid of the regular slaw and only have Caribbean slaw).

I was happy and loved the food and the people watching.  So, next time I’ll be skipping Blake’s and heading straight to Agave.  But only if I’m sitting on the patio, the wait staff is way more attentive to the patio diners.


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