British Steel

So, it’s not British but it is made of (stainless) steel and I like using song titles (or, in this case, album titles).  Plus, my old band used to do Breaking the Law (as did every other band) so there’s a little soft spot in my heart for British Steel.

I just finished making this hardcore looking cuff using 18 gauge 3/16″ square stainless steel rings with 20 gauge 1/8″ round stainless steel rings for the connections.

I have two cuffs like this; this pattern, which reminds me of a Japanese weave, and European 4-in-1.   I like really wide bracelets in stainless steel.  It’s fun to wear them with rather girly clothes; I enjoy the contrast.

Unfortunately, because stainless steel is so heavy, and stainless steel findings selection is so limited, I have to work a lot harder and make the cuff big enough to fit over my hand.  If I had more tools, I’m sure I could make my own stainless steel findings of whatever width I desire.  But, alas, until I make some money with my little hobby, I can’t really justify buying more toys, I mean tools.  If anyone knows a good source of stainless steel findings, please send that info my way.

I really do like this weave, it’s very industrial.  It just may be able to stop a bullet, but I’m not going to test that.


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