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Look What I Can Do

This is the first chainmaille project I have finished in a while.

I used 18 g 3.5 mm sterling silver rings from Urbanmaille.  The beads are some cheap glass seed beads that I picked up 30 grams for $0.25! Not all of the beads will fit on the rings but I had plenty to make this. I haven’t done  a lot of chainmaille with beads or crystals but it looks so elegant I want to experiment some more.


Well, at Least We Know Dan Quayle’s Still Working

There’s this lovely little coffee shop in Avon called Rio Coffee Brewery.  I’m going to make a joke about this place, but let me preface the joke with this:

The sandwiches here are amazing.  The pesto is so good.  I haven’t had anything off the menu that wasn’t great.  And so, with all the love in my heart, here’s my joke:

Judging by the way that “tomato” is spelled EVERY TIME in the menu, at least we know Dan Quayle’s got a job.

I’ve attached the rest of the menu too.

Dan can’t spell, but he sure knows how to make a good sandwich.

The Alefest that Wasn’t

This past Saturday was Scene’s second annual Alefest.  I went last year mostly because I won the tickets on twitter (yes, I’m a dork, I have a twitter account.  Go ahead, try and find it).

Anyway, last year, I wanted to buy tickets, but there was so little information available before the event that I wouldn’t risk the ticket price to get in.  We went and it was great.  I realize it was the first one so things were bound to be a little inefficient but still, I would have happily (ok, maybe happily is a stretch) paid the ticket price to attend.

This year, advertising was much better but I had another activity planned for the day.  I was truly disappointed.  Also, this year there was no twitter contest for tickets.  But Scene did give away tickets at almost every Cleveland event for the two weeks leading up to Alefest.

One of the best things that happened at Alefest last year was trying Indigo Imp’s Blonde Bombshell.  I had no idea that this wonderful little brewery and this tasty, tasty beer existed.  Really, when I smelled it, I didn’t want to taste it.  But when I tasted it, marvelous things happened.  The birds started singing, unicorns came prancing across the field, rainbows flooded the skies, my children stopped fighting.  Ok. Sorry.  Now you know I was exaggerating.  My children never stop fighting.

Indigo Imp is on Superior in Cleveland.  They have a store at the brewery but it’s only open on Fridays for a few hours and all sales are cash.  About 10 minutes into my drive home last Friday, I decided it would be cool to stop and get  some beer from the brewery to celebrate the Alefest I wasn’t attending.  I was especially interested in picking up a small batch sample pack that they released a month or so ago and I haven’t been able to find in any local store.

Well, I ended up passing the exit that I should have taken. And then, even with my GPS, I got a bit lost.  And, only in Cleveland, I couldn’t find an ATM that you could actually get out and use.  I passed a couple, but I would’ve had to pay for parking in order to use them.  And my problem was that I didn’t have any cash!

So, after a very frustrating 40 minute ride around Cleveland, I gave up and hopped on the shoreway to go home.

Then, my husband told me that someone had posted (on Indigo Imp’s Facebook page) that they had purchased the small batch sampler at Simone’s Beverage in Lakewood.  So, I decided to take a detour there before I finished my journey home.

I’ve only ever been to Simone’s once before.  I headed to the cooler, found the Indigo Imp and left.  This time, I went to the coolers in the back and, alas, no small batch sampler.  So I started looking around at the beer on the shelves.  Unfortunately, there was not a sampler to be found but, oh my, the selection of beers was amazing.  I couldn’t even decide what to get.  I just kept wandering around the shelves trying to decide what to get.  And they have all kinds of kegs!  Like Bell’s Oberon in a keg.  Sweet!  It was a bit overwhelming.  I spent some time considering a credit card balance because I just wanted to buy one of everything I’d not tried before, and there were lots and lots that I had not tried before. This place is awesome, I’m definitely going back, but not too often because my liver couldn’t handle it.

So, I picked 3 – 6 packs. Of course I bought Indigo Imp’s Blonde Bombshell.  If you’ve not been lucky enough to try it, you should.  It is what beer is meant to be.  Then I picked up Bell’s Cherry Stout. I really almost bought a lambic instead.  I love lambics.  Lindemans is the sh&t.  I want to try all the flavors, but they’re expensive and I get distracted by beer. And finally, Bell’s Amber Ale (the reason for two Bell’s beers is this: we, me and the mouse in my pocket,  just recently tried Bell’s Oberon and we enjoyed it so much we brought home a growler).

Anyway, on Saturday evening, instead of going to Alefest, we had our own beer fest.  The Indigo Imp, as always, was amazing.  I didn’t try it, but my husband liked Bell’s Amber Ale.  Bell’s Cherry Stout is very tart.  And yummy.  I liked it. It’s not for the weak.

Well, I didn’t get to go to Alefest, but there’s always next year.  I didn’t like my futile attempt to visit the Indigo Imp brewery store, but hey, maybe next time my trip will end in success. I liked the beer I picked though.  And I found a new place to buy beer.  All in all, I call that a success.

Animal House

No, I’m not talking about the John Belushi movie.

I went to Midway Mall today.  God, could they make it any harder to get to that place.  Really?  What a total pain in the ass! And my GPS was USELESS.

I went to Midway Mall today and came in at the entrance directly across from a store called Animal House.  I looooove animals (I have been begging my husband to let me have another cat since ours had to be put down in February. And by the way, the Animal Protective League is having a special thing where kittens are only $20 this weekend. Hint. Cough. Hint! Dammit. I want a cat!) so I had to go in.

What I saw was the biggest scam.  They had dogs for “adoption” for $400! These were listed with breed descriptions like “eskimo/poodle”.  That’s a mutt.  It’s not a breed.  You can get a purebred for not too much more than that.  It’s probably not a well-bred purebred dog but still.  If you want to adopt a dog, go to the Cleveland APL and pay $150 for a puppy and $85 for a dog. $400 is insane. And the Cleveland APL is a good organization. Or go to the Cuyahoga County Dog Shelter and adopt for $90.  The Berea Animal Rescue Fund is another group of hard working people with dogs to adopt.

I hate that this place uses the word “adopt” which implies that they are working in the same manner as a legitimate animal shelter.  Don’t buy a dog here, and you are buying.  Adopt a pet at a legitimate shelter where the animals’ welfare is put first.

Living the Life

It’s true dedication to the skank lifestyle when you give your Toyota Corolla a tramp stamp.  But this person went above and beyond the call of cheap-and-tackiness and did just that.

I so wish that my phone took better pictures. I so wish I could have gotten closer.  I so wish that offered better (any usable) synonyms for skank.

These are a few of my favorite things

zombies and vampires and cheesy moustaches

pirates and music and kimono sashes * (actually called obis)

Alex Sepkus makes big shiny rings

these are a few of my favorite things

hot guys in kilts and sugar free pepsi

hello kitty and domo and pesto and birch trees *(yeah, I’d like to see you rhyme pepsi)

chainmaille that I make from silver jump rings

these are a few of my favorite things

rainier cherries and silly smart asses

daisies and orchids and mandarin chinese classes

some day i’ll be brave and buy a sex swing

these are a few of my favorite things

when the kids fight, when employees suck, when I’m feeling sad

I simply drink vodka until I pass out and then I don’t feel so bad

I think that’s how that song goes.