My Boycott of Pants

Partially inspired by ‘Wear a Gown To Work Day” (which is the last Friday in May), I decided that I would combat Casual Friday by dressing up on Fridays.

I have worn a skirt to work every Friday for 6 weeks now. It’s fantastic. I feel pretty and happy and people treat me nicer (I went to the post office on one of the Fridays and ended up with an unsolicited, cute guy phone number.  When I went to leave, the guy held open the door for me and then asked for my phone number.  How great is that? I hadn’t seen or spoken to him at all while in the post office).  Since I am happier, I get more work done and I do better quality work.

I decided I want to see if the effect is the same if I dress up every day. So, starting July 2nd, I began my boycott of pants. I have worn a different skirt almost everyday. I did mix it up with a nice pair of shorts and one day I wore capris (which are technically NOT pants, plus they are very tight and I look very cute in them), both of which were paired with cute tops.

I feel stylish, I feel pretty. It keeps me motivated to eat right and exercise. It does totally piss off at least one female coworker. I’m not sure if that’s a pro or con. It’s funny though so maybe that makes it a pro.

It’s nice to be a pretty girl. I could, and often do wear jeans and a tee to work. But it really changes my outlook when I know I look great.

I highly recommend trying this. Join me, in my boycott of pants. Men, you can participate too. I find a man in a kilt pretty irresistible. Try this one, in black.


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