Bat Wings

I learned a new term.

Bat Wings!

In case you haven’t heard this term, it’s when a guy’s balls get sweaty and stick to his thighs.  That’s flipping hilarious!

My husband told me he was listening to the radio and kept hearing this commercial for Fresh Balls (although, when he was telling me about it, he couldn’t remember the name of the product) and thought it was a joke.  He said that they use the term bat wings in the commercial.

So, of course, I  knew that I had to look it up.  I was a bit concerned about what kind of sites I would find, but I’m willing to suffer a little for knowledge.

Amazingly enough, I found more than one product for this condition.  Really, I typed “sweaty balls” into my google tool bar search box and found more than one product. I can’t believe there’s one product.  Now, I don’t have balls, but I would assume that baby powder would be the solution.  Or underwear maybe. But hey, how would I know?

Anyway, through my research, I found that Fresh Balls also sells a product for sweaty boobs called Fresh Breasts.  It says that “many women suffer from perspiration and chafing under their breasts”.  Here’s an idea, if your boobs are hanging enough that you’re getting chafed, WEAR A BRA!  I don’t have a problem with a little sweat but then, I WEAR A BRA!  In fact, I like a bra with just enough padding to keep a little bit of mystery.  And underwire.  After breastfeeding, underwire is my friend.

I gotta get in on marketing some useless product for a problem that could be easily solved through hygiene and undergarments.


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