Paramore AP 25th Anniversary

Tuesday, August 10th Paramore played a two song acoustic thing at Alternative Press headquarters and I was lucky enough to win entry. I wish my pictures were better, but Alternative Press has great pictures and you can see them here.

Alternative Press has it’s headquarters in the old American Greetings Creative Arts Building on W 80th in Cleveland (I love going here because there are so many local artist studio/galleries).

The “doors” opened at 1 pm and the performance was supposed to start at 1:30.  We were directed toward a little sitting area, lunch room thing when we got there.  And it was crowded and I kind of felt like a sheep in a corral.  Someone(s) had tried to make it inviting.  There was a table with just tons of different cupcakes that all said “AP” or “25 “.  Here’s one of my crappy cell phone camera pics of it.

Because the crowd consisted of mostly teenage girls (and me) very few of the cupcakes were touched (I have found that teenage girls have the tendency to try to 1) out starve each other or 2) out eat each other.  There’s no in between.  It’s just odd.  This crowd was apparently into the not eating thing, although clearly many of them were only doing that here).

I spent almost an hour standing in this room.  It got a bit old but I was really happy that I was standing under this:

In case you can’t read it, it’s signed by Rise Against.  I love them.  I listen to them a lot. I was really happy.  I was really coveting that guitar.

There were autographed panels on the wall too.  I didn’t want to take pictures, my daughter was getting annoyed with me.  But it was neat to see that bands like The Maine, and Bayside had autographed the panels.  Very cool (I wish I could remember the other bands).

I got a “drop dead” stare from the bratty one for this, but I had to take a picture.  It’s a sign that was on the wall in the “waiting” room.

I love that it’s all sort of legalese but at the bottom is the admonishment “Do not touch”.  WTF? What are we not supposed to touch?  The sign? The wall the sign is taped to? And who felt that was the best way to end this sign? Seriously, I have to know.

Anyway, after an hour, even this sign and all the questions it raised in my mind were not enough to keep me amused.  Fortunately, right about 2 pm, we (approximately 50 of us)were ushered down the hall into this narrow room with dirty carpet and asked to sit on the floor.

Three members of the band came in and started playing “Feeling Sorry” and sounded amazing.  Then they started playing Brick by Boring Brick and Hailey Williams said something like “oh are we going to play another”, which didn’t sound promising.  And they sounded great but only played those two songs. And, I repeat that my pictures suck.  I have a Palm Pre which didn’t take good pictures when it was new. It takes even worse pictures now (dropped off second story roof, has loads of sand from the beach, etc.).

It was a bit disappointed but then we were lined up and handed posters. And the whole band sat down and signed them. Then we were lined up again and Alt Press took our pics with the band and posted them to their website.  If you go through the pics, I’m in one, with the daughter (she “let” me stand with her. I’m so flipping honored).  Hayley Williams is TINY! I was afraid if I got too close I’d smash her.  She’s really cute.  I get why guys crush on her.

It was really cool.  The only thing that would’ve been better (other than a few more songs) would be if I had gone to see them at Tower City Amphitheater after, but alas, it was not to be.

Or, you know, having my daughter act like she enjoyed this.  Or hearing her thank me. Or any sign that she was grateful.  Instead she told me that I’m embarrassing because I don’t act my age.  Well, I don’t look my age either.  I act about the age I look so I think I’m good.  I wish she didn’t act like my mother! Buzz kill.


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