Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

In honor of today, I’m going to board a ship in a hostile manner, rob the passengers, and drink rum until I pass out while divvying up the booty with my bilge-rat cohorts.

Or maybe I’ll just walk in a community 5K, make some homemade hot pepper salsa with peppers from my garden, drop the dog at the groomers, head into work for a few hours, fold and iron my laundry, and spend the rest of the day sad that there aren’t any new episodes of True Blood.

Option one is way more interesting, but option two is responsible (and I giggle too much when I try to talk like a pirate, very un-pirate-like to be sure).

God, I hate being responsible.  I’m going with option two, but I’m still wearing my eye patch.  And at some point, I’m doing pirate Mad Libs.  So there, maturity, nah. I mean, arrrrrrrrr.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day anyway.  There are some brilliant comics for it here. There’s a wiki for How To Celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day here.  And Scientific American has an article about how pirates needed science too, here.


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