Canadian Invasion

My neighborhood is experiencing a Canadian Invasion.  I can only wish it was a musical invasion.

Instead, it’s those crappy little bugs.  They are EVERYWHERE!

Every time I let my dog out, they come swarming in.  They swarm in and literally coat our kitchen walls just below the ceiling.  It’s a disgusting, living decorative border.  Ugh! There are so many of them that we have been using the hose attachment on the vacuum to get them off the wall.  So beyond foul.

We celebrated once of my children’s (Thing 2) birthday recently.  While we were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying some lovely chocolate cake (made from scratch, frosting too), my mother-in-law looked at our patio door.  The patio door was a solid, writhing sheet of buggy madness.  She found the sight so distressing, she quickly found an excuse to leave.

Hmmmmm.  Maybe I need to rethink this.  Maybe the bugs aren’t so bad after all.


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