John Sykes, You Did It Again

I once wrote a very funny blog about the song Jelly Roll by Blue Murder. But I took it down when I was transferring blogs to this site from my old blog site. I regret that decision because it was quite silly; I was inspired when I wrote it.

The thing is, I love the song Jelly Roll. Whenever I hear it, I have to sing it, no matter how inappropriate it is to sing aloud.  It’s a compulsion.  So, if you saw a girl riding her bike in the dark singing Jelly Roll this evening, that was me.  I’ll own it (I’m a complete dork).  The song came up on my phone while it was on shuffle.  And once I started singing, well, I sang along to many other songs that were not worthy of me making a fool of myself.

It’s such a completely obscure song.  But it’s one of my all time favorite songs.  I know, it dates me, but hey, kiss my getting-better-with-every-day-ass.  It’s such a shame that John Sykes (the band was called Blue Murder, but it was really just John Sykes) didn’t become more successful.  He came so close so many times.

Seriously.  John Sykes was in Think Lizzy and Whitesnake.  But never during the most popular phases for either band. And Blue Murder, apparently, was somewhat of a super group (if you consider that lesser members of moderately popular bands put together can form a super group).  I never knew that until just now.  Thank you wikipedia (if that info is actually true).

Oh John, that one song will be on my playlist forever.  & I will forever be compelled to sing your song no matter how doofy I look doing it.


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