A Girlie-Girls thoughts on Sunday’s Browns – Steelers Game

I’ve decided that I love the name Mangini.  I think it’s because it sounds like Mankini.  Maybe the Browns should wear mankinis.  I’d totally watch that.  It would be way less painful than watching them play.  Ooh, and mankini should be their mascot.  Makes more sense than a dog (or dawg).  And that little Brownie.  Yeah, that will scare the other team.  A tiny little mythical creature best known for performing household chores!  Terrifying! Can I have 5?

While the game was on, I thought the announcer said something about Vegeta on defense!  Vegeta?  I had no idea that he even played football. Then I was told that I misheard and we have Fujita.  Dammit!  We need Vegeta, not Fujita.  Vegeta  could go all Super Saiyan on the other team! Maybe then we could get Goku and Piccolo too.  The Browns might win a game then!

I love announcers, they say the STUPIDEST things.  They have to fill so much time, sometimes they just make stuff up.  It’s like the announcers are recruited from patients in a head trauma unit.

No one will be as great of an announcer as John Madden.  I miss him so much.  Can’t they get him back?  I mean, he can’t be doing much of anything.  Buy him a turducken, hire Brett Favre to sit next to him.  Just get that man back! John Madden should announce Browns games because it would amuse me.  Or better yet, get Frank Caliendo to impersonate John Madden and announce Browns games!  That would be amazing.

Oh my, the ref just announced a penalty, illegal touching.  I started giggling and my husband asked if it was Roethlisberger!   Hahahahaha.  That’s too funny.

Can I have those refs follow me around.  I need them to call illegal touching violations for me (I’m not the offender, just by the way).  How about standing too close violations also?

Oh, Browns suck. I couldn’t even watch the second half.  They needed to make more illegal touching calls.

Pop (or not so popular) Culture Reference Guide [Should I call it obscure reference guide?]

  • Mankini– character from The Soup (not that horrid green bathing suit worn by Sasha Baron Cohen in Borat)
  • Vegeta – character from Dragonball Z
  • Super Saiyan – powerful state that can be reached only by Saiyans, a race of alien fighters
  • Piccolo – character from Dragonball Z
  • Goku – main character from Dragonball Z, very powerful fighter, not too bright

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