Cleveland Beer Week – Part Deux!

Purple Haze

Tuesday was our last planned outing for beer week (come on, that was 3 days in a row for me.  My liver said that if I didn’t give it a break, it was going to wait until I passed out and make a break for it!).

We planned it as a pub crawl of a sort.  Only, our pubs were cities apart!

We started at Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar in Lakewood.  This place is really new.  It’s in the old Barnacle Bill’s (and it had a few incarnations before it became Deagan’s).

We sole reason for stopping was Abita‘s Purple Haze on tap.  $5, keep the glass.  We knew nothing about Deagan’s other than their website is under construction.

chips and guacamole at Deagan's (we'd already eaten a ton of the cilantro from the top

The place is gorgeous.  Low key, spacious, slightly dimmed lighting.  Perfect date place.

We got there during happy hour so our Purple Haze was only $3.  And it was taco night, $2 meat tacos, $3 for seafood, $3 chips and guacamole.

The Purple Haze is maybe the best new beer I’ve tried in ages.  The only other beer that I’ve had recently that was so completely different and good was Fathead’s Gogglefogger.  It’s an unfiltered raspberry wheat beer.

The texture is thick and amazing and distinctive.  The raspberry is very subtle.  I just love this beer.

The beer has a purple haze to it.  Really.  So the beer is totally yummy and pretty! ❤ ❤ ❤

The guacamole had like a inch thick of baby cilantro on top.  Fresh cilantro is just a beautiful thing.  The guacamole was chunky and the ingredients were really fresh.

guacamole - the cup was filled to top with cilantro

The chips weren’t traditional corn chips, they were more like pita chips, but they were really nice and seemed to be house-made.  I think maybe they were fried wheat tortillas.

I really do wish I had taken the picture before we’d eaten so much of the guacamole.  I was amazed at the amount of fresh cilantro that they used at Deagans.

Since this was our first time at Deagan’s and we weren’t sure about it, plus we were going to make some more stops afterward, we only ordered one order of guac and chips and 2 chicken tacos.

The chicken tacos were amazing. The meat was grilled and had just the nicest flavor.

The taco was a soft taco and had been lightly toasted on the outside.  It was just perfect.

taco night chicken taco (I was hungry, next time I'll take a pic before I've started eating)


Inside was rice, pico de gallo, the chicken, and loads of lovely, lovely cilantro. I am so so very sad that I didn’t try the other tacos.  I think there were 5 kinds.  I must go back and try them all.

We had 2 beers, 2 chicken tacos, chips and guac and 2 glasses for $13.45 ($18.45 with the tip).

Deagan’s is a fantastic date place but it’s accessible enough that I can picture taking my kids (yeah, my kids are supremely spoiled).

Our next stop was Royal Park Fine Wine on 82 in Strongsville.  The reason for this stop was that they were supposed to have Rooster Fish beer on tap.  I’ve never had Rooster Fish, and it’s always best, when possible, to try a beer when it’s on tap.

So, we drive all the way from Lakewood to this wine store in Strongsville and there’s a big banner in the front for tasting of different beer.  We walk over to the taps (this was the first time I’d ever seen beer taps in this type of store – they had beer, wine, and liquor) and ask the worker about Rooster Fish beer and he has no idea what we’re talking about.

the gooey innards

The kid asks us some goofy questions (did it say those [Rooster Fish] in the window? was it for today?), you know those kind of questions (don’t you know what it says in the window of the store you work in?  no, it wasn’t listed for today, but we’re assholes so we came in today and expect you to make it happen).

Finally he offers up ‘maybe it’s at our other store’.

We didn’t bother to go to there other store.  The event was listed at the store we went to(I even went back and double checked the address at  I had no idea there was another store.  I went way out of my way to go here and the listing was wrong and the workers looked at me like I was incompetent.  How flipping annoying.  It was a good thing I was going out to drink more!

Brew Kettle host?

Our next visit was to The Brew Kettle for a rare keg tapping.  Every night for beer week, they had a different rare keg tapping.  This night was a 2009 Jackhammer Barley Wine.

The only thing I knew about the Brew Kettle is that I one can brew their own beer here.  I was only very vaguely aware that they had a restaurant. I’ve even passed it.  It’s really unimpressive from the outside.  It’s in this tiny 3 storefront strip.

When we got here Tuesday, I realized that right next door was my childhood dentist (and when I finally was seated inside and read the menu, I read that the place opened in 1995!  I definitely was still going to that dentist in 1995.  I can’t believe that I never ventured over, or took any notice whatsoever).  Go to him, he’s really nice.  Dr. Kenneth Kurz.  It was really weird when I finally changed dentists and had a hygienist clean my teeth.  Dr. Kurz did the cleaning himself (I don’t know if he still does).

Jackhammer Barley Wine

I can appreciate the craftsmanship involved in making barley wine. I love to try them. But it’s one of those things that make me involuntarily shudder after I take a sip.

After barley wine, I needed more food. Lucky for me, Tuesday night is wing night at the Brew Kettle.

$4.99 for an order of wings (regular price $7.49). Dry rub,of course. Those were some excellent wings. They had a wonderful flavor. I would’ve been pissed to pay full price for them though. As person who remembers 10¢ wing nights, paying $7.49 for 5 wings would’ve pissed me off.

I realize these wings were huge but I’m old and crotchity. I mean, I know those 10¢ wings were the size of the ones House Of Blues serves and charges equivalent of $1/each (they have HUGE balls at HOB, charging outrageous prices for shit food & hairspray tasting drinks in the club), but it’s just the idea.

dry rubbed smokehouse wings at the Brew Kettle

The only bad part of the trip was that our bill was incorrect when we received it.  We did get charged full price.

The waitress corrected it quickly.

The total bill was $12.92 ($17.92 with the tip).

I liked this place, but not as much as I like some places that are closer. If I’m out this way, I’d stop again though.  And I’d definitely recommend it to other people going out here.

We had planned out trip as three stops, and I’ve already told you how our original second step went.  So we picked an alternate 3rd spot, Fatheads (duh).

Fatheads had a some beer and food pairing dinner but they also had St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout pint night.  When you bought the beer, you got to keep the glass.

beer samples at Fatheads

I’ve picked up quite a few glasses in the past few weeks.

So we ordered the Stout and and three samples Fatheads beers that we hadn’t tried before.

First was Alpenglow Weizenbock. It had a lovely banana flavor.  It was somewhat similar to the Gogglefogger but not as sweet.

Next was Autumn Fire Smoked Lager. It had a light smoke. It was nice to try. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a reorder, but wouldn’t say no to one.

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

The last sample was the Phantom Pumpkin Ale.  It has very light hints of cinnamon and pumpkin. Really excellent. Really complex flavors.  I must have it again. I think a growler of this would be an excellent idea.

The St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout was strong and really good. I swear the smell reminded me of caramel. The description said espresso and chocolate. I can definitely taste the espresso. I could not taste the chocolate. Bitter chocolate maybe. I like this beer a lot.
I never used to drink beer.  The first beers that I tried that I liked were all stouts.

not-trying-very-hard pumpkin decoration at Fatheads

While we were drinking, I was perusing that beer menu.  I found Fathead’s cask conditioned Battleax Baltic Porter aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

I have had beers aged in kentucky bourbon barrels before (do you need to say Kentucky bourbon? Isn’t bourbon ONLY from Kentucky? Would you say scottish scotch?) and enjoyed the flavor imparted by the bourbon.

Oh, holy f$*k! It was like drinking shots! Made me shiver. I’m gonna hurt tomorrow. My husband’s afraid of it! He asked the bartender if anyone was aware that you were supposed to take the bourbon out of the barrel before you added the beer.

The menu says it tastes of dried fruit and toffee. My ass. It tastes like it could knock me out. I don’t kno what you call that flavor. I think it could mess you up just by smelling it.

I finished it though.  To do otherwise would be criminal.

Fatheads Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aged Battleax Porter and Aventinus Weizenbock

My husband ordered the Aventinus Wheat Dopplebock.  It competes with Fathead’s Googlefogger, which is one of my fav beers ever. Have had other Aventinus beers, I believe I’ve had a Weizenbock from them and I remember really liking it

After all this, it was imperative that we get more food.  We got an order of chips. I like Fathead’s chips but they need some sort of dip.  And more salt.  They just never have enough salt.

Husband says they’d be perfect with bbq sauce. I can see that. We used ketchup.

I like ketchup, it worked well as a condiment for these chips, but it would’ve been better if the ketchup had been Hunts. Heinz ketchup in comparison.
Our bill before tip for 3 beers, 3 beer samples, a glass, and order of chips was $23.91 ($30.91 w tip).

Three bars, great craft beers, yummy food for less than $70.  Not bad.

Fatheads chips

Total tangent. Random unintentional eavesdropping provided this:

‘it tastes a lot better than it smells’

to which I can only reply

‘bwah ha ha ha ha ha!’



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  1. Hey I like the blog. You had an awesome picture of the Buckeye Beer Engine that I linked up on our CLE beer blog … …. Just thought I would give you a heads up and say thanks!

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