I’ve got a strong will but weak hands

The other day I was searching for something online, I can’t even remember what, and I got on a tangent search.  It’s funny how far off one can go on a tangent internet search.

I ended up looking at St. Nicholas Day “stuff” and found this super cute craft idea.   First, St. Nicholas Day is December 6th.  The night before, children put out a shoe and when they wake in the morning, it is filled with candies.  It’s not celebrated much in the US, but I like to “celebrate” little holidays (some real but from other cultures, and some just silly made up things, but not made up by me) with my kids.

Anyway, the craft is for paper shoes.  I found the pattern here.  I increased the size of the template by 60% so I could stuff more “stuff” in the shoes when the time comes.

Even though St. Nicholas Day is over a month away, I’ve been needing some stress relief and what better way to keep my brain distracted from troubles than to keep my hands busy making things with one of my kids.

My middle child (Thing 2) and I started out with the idea to make one for each person in our nuclear family.  Then, we decided that we should make some more for other people (Thing 1’s boyfriend, a grandma, a grandpa, Thing 2’s 2 best friends and their mom, etc.).

We didn’t have fast-drying glue so assembly was a bit tricky.  So yesterday all we did was cut out all the pieces and assemble one shoe.  Today, I ended up assembling the rest myself.  Then, I found more cardboard and paper and made a few more.  Right now we have 14.  Here look:

paper shoe assembly - only had made 12 at this point

Just a few tips.

  • construction paper works best for the shoes – I used some pretty colored plastic “paper” for some and it was much more difficult to work with
  • fast-drying glue is a must – unless you want to sit there and hold these in place forever
  • have fun



3 thoughts on “I’ve got a strong will but weak hands

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