Riddle Me This

What do you call OnDemand Cable TV service that doesn’t actually work on demand?

That’d be Time Warner Cable.

What about HD tv that stutters constantly?

Time Warner Cable again.

Oh f$%^, now the normal channels are stuttering?

Still Time Warner.  Geez they suck.

Crappy static-y phone service?

Oh, could it be Time Warner? It is, it is.

Bizarro animated Hitler’s Head?

That’s not Time Warner, that’s some strange-as-f#$% Rob Zombie movie being shown on Time Warner.

Garlic onion pistachios?

Those would be inadequate alcohol munchies. I need chocolate.  Really.

Or a sandwich.  Toasted.  With fresh tomato.  And fresh basil.

Or potato pancakes with fresh, chunky applesauce and lovely sour cream.

Ooh, or fresh tomato bisque.  With toasted crusty bread and fresh pesto.

I gotta go.  My kitchen is calling.



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