Where are MY Superpowers?

I must’ve gotten bitten by a spider.  I have a 2″ wide swollen bite mark on my collar bone.  It ITCHES! And it looks horrible.

I didn’t see the spider but I can’t figure out what else would make a mark like that.

Now, I’m waiting for my superpowers.  I really hope I get to shoot webs from my wrists.  How cool would that be?

And how long after one gets there superpowers does one have to wait for their theme music?  I want something Motown-esque. Ooh.  No! I want something by A Day to Remember! No, wait, Rise Against.  How cool would a theme song by Rise Against be?  Something all angry and loud.  That’s sounds right for my theme music.

Ooh, ooh.  And I want a cool uniform too.  I want it to be totally impractical but to look really good.  I’m particularly fond of plaid, pleated miniskirts, thigh high socks, and tight, sheer T shirts.  I know, I have the best Tripp black and white plaid pleated mini and these amazing knee high, lace up the front black boots.  I could pair them with these thigh high fishnet stockings I have and a tight black tee.  That’s a super hero outfit! No, wait, that’s what I normally wear.


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