Say My Name, Say My Name

I just adopted a cat last night, about 26 hours ago.  She is pure white (and we believe that she may be deaf, we’re not sure, we don’t care we just want to know so we can accomodate this) and loves to be held. The first time I met her (is that the proper phrase? met my cat?), I held her and she allowed me to turn her on her back and rub her belly. She almost fell asleep in my arms in the middle of a pet store. She’s ~ a year old stray.
She’s soooooo mellow and talkative. Here are some pictures.

We’re having a hard time choosing a name for this cutey.

My family has thrown out several ideas but none of them are clear winners.  Tell me what you think.  [I tried to create a poll but the stupid thing isn’t working]


  1. Blanche
  2. Leche (milk in Spanish)
  3. KitKat
  4. Beyonce
  5. Cloud
  6. Onigiri (rice ball in Japanese)
  7. Neko (cat in Japanese)
  8. Blake
  9. Bianca
  10. other (hey, I’m open to suggestions)




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